Olga Sculpture 1955


Magnificent display item for home or business. You can’t afford the painting, but this is a real display talking point instead of hidden away in a bank vault. Exceptional oils on gesso wood scultpture ….. see original Picasso painting of 1935.



Carved from oak and mahogany. Head has full 360 degrees rotation (video available) – many perspectives possible.

Picasso-style hat is made from copper, Matisse-styled hat from wood. From front perspective both look the same. This is an excellent interpretation and attempt at original brush strokes.

Paints and visible wood lab-tested to be pre-atomic age (before 1945).

Used as foyer advertising for exhibitions and shop advertising. Been in same family since made.

Dimensions: Height  46cms, width 36cms, depth 14cms.

Will be sent by DHL (tracked and insured) in a 1950s wooden crate – see photos.


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